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Jacksonville City - Jacksonville, Alabama - Public School District

Phone - 256-782-5682
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Jacksonville City School District

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Jacksonville City Reviews

from: Myra D Williams | submitted: Dec 16, 2009
My daughter started to Jacksonville High School this year in 7th grade. It has been a awful experience. We are with drawing here at Christmas break. I have went to the school on several occasions trying to get help from the staff but no such luck. If anything it made it harder on my daughter. She has cried and cried telling us how she hates the school, students and teachers. I wished I would have lisened to everyone that were telling me not to let her go there but you know I thought well I have raised her in church to make the right decisions and to treat people fairly, but once they get into the real world where there are mean and bully kids, along with adults that could care less about the child that is getting bullied and picked on, it steals the childs sweet happy spirit. She has always been a straight A student making one B in the 6 years of her school life. But when her grades starting slipping and droped down to Ds and Cs, I knew then it was my responsiblity to do something and do it quick to help her furture. So we will no longer attend Jacksonville High School. It is SAD but it is TRUE. Would not recommend sending any child to this school.

Jacksonville City School District Data
County of Location: Calhoun
Number of Schools in This District: 2
Student/Teacher ratio: 17.1
Total Students Pre Kindergarten - 12 Grade: 1,696
Total Males: 917
Total Females: 779
American Indian Students: 4
Asian/Pacific Islanders : 25
African Americans: 378
Hispanic: 35
White: 1,254
Total Staff: 175
Fulltime Teachers: 100
Ungraded Teachers:
Pre Kindergarten Teachers: 0
Kindergarten Teachers: 5
Elementary Teachers: 63
Secondary Teachers: 32
Elementary Guidance Counselors: 2
Secondary Guidance Counselors: 2
Total Guidance Counselors: 4
LEA Administrators: 9
School Administrators: 4
LEA Admin Support Staff: 4
School Admin Support Staff: 3
Student Support Services Staff: 1
Other Support Staff: 28
Library Media Support Staff: 0
Librarians Media Specialists: 2
Instructional Aides - Total: 18
Instructional Coordinators: 2